Rules of Progression

Progression From Level I class to Level II
Students must be able to complete all of the following footwork by themselves:

1. Sugar Push
2. Left side Pass
3. Underarm Pass
4. Basket Whip
5. Basic Whip

In addition, students are required to “always” end patterns in 3rd foot position, and have accurate knowledge of leverage and compression.

Progression from Level II to Level III
Students will be required to complete all of Level I skills plus the following:

1. Complete one and a half rotations in time with the music
2. Have the ability to apply leverage and compression in all patterns
3. Leaders must be able to initiate movement with their center.

Level II or III instructor will evaluate student on a request basis.
Evaluation Will Be In Two Parts:

Part one: Student will demonstrate all skills with instructor.
Part two: Requesting instructor will conduct a random evaluation of one of the student’s social dances on the night of the request using the criteria above.

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