Q: Do I need a partner to attend the dance workshops?
A: No, students rotate throughout the class, so if there is an uneven number of men or women, nobody is left out for long. Plus, by changing partners periodically, you meet new dancers and friends.

Q: Do you offer classes for beginners?
A: Yes, the workshops will vary from Beginner to Intermediate level.

Q: Do I need special shoes?
A: Yes, please wear soft soled or suede soled dance shoes to protect the dance floor. Wear shoes that tie closed or have straps to keep shoe on your foot. It will be impossible to dance in sneakers, flip flops, clogs, mules or loose sandals.

Q: What should I wear to the swing dance functions?
A: Casual comfortable clothes. Men may want to consider bringing a towel and/or extra shirt if they choose.

Q: Is food/water provided?
A: Food is not, but we do provide water. BYOB.

Q: I want a private dance lesson. How do I get one?
A: Please send an email to the Club: awcsclub@gmail.com for more information on private lessons.

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