Board of Directors

alamo-west-coast-swing-musice-danPresident/Founding Member: Dan Darlington

Dan has been dancing for 30+ years: ballroom, country western, swing, ballet, modern and jazz, and spent 9 years Tap Dancing at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore Maryland. He was elected to be the third president of the AWCSC in August 2018. During the light of day, Dan is a Research Physiologist  for the US Army Institute of Surgical Research, Blood Program. He has spent 35 years of his life sequestered in laboratories and libraries at various universities, which explains a lot. When he is not dancing, or being a lab rat, he enjoys inline skating, flying trapeze, growing roses and arguing with cats. When he grows up, he wants to run away and join the circus.

Vice-President: Kristie Llera

“Trip the light fantastic”… She gets her fix Tuesdays nights with the Alamo West Coast Swing Club. She loves the welcoming vibe, where she leaves content and recharged. She promised a friend that she would join her for a WCS class after graduating, and was hooked. Started taking any and every WCS class in town. She became a member the first time she attended  AWCSC back in February 2018. Then discovered the WCS competition scene, as a newcomer at Wild Wild Westie over July 4th weekend. Kristie is a Rocket scientist, and a WCS dancer, and feels honored to be your VP.

alamo-west-coast-swing-treasurer-marvalTreasurer/Founder: Marval Bailiff

Marval started country dancing in 2001. He learned the basics and then learned some choreographed routines in 2002 and competed on the country dance circuit. He enjoys all kinds of country, latin, and swing dancing but his favorite is west coast swing. He has really enjoyed learning and being involved with the west coast swing dance community in San Antonio.

Secretary: Deborah Kitkowski

Deborah “Kit” Kitkowski has had a love of dance since the age of 9. She started learning west coast swing from instructors Ken and Colleen many years ago and fell in love instantly with the dance. She was very excited to learn of the AWCSC in SA. Kit is proficient at country western, ballroom and Latin dance. Kit has 20 years of admin experience and 10 years of finance experience. She was Club Secretary, Vice President and President (4 years) for the San Antonio Toastmasters Club and enjoys public speaking.  She is very excited to take on this role and assist the Club President, Dan Darlington.

Membership Director: Angel Atienza

Angel danced cultural dances and choreography to pop songs growing up in a Filipino community. She had a brief fling with East Coast Swing during college but didn’t start social dancing until she attended the now gone Swing Nite at Sam’s Burger Joint in 2017. From there she started to explore West Coast, Lindy, Blues, Country, and Latin. She loves the opportunity that West Coast gives the follow to both relax and just follow or actively collaborate with their partner and the fact that enthusiasts of this dance love all styles of dance. She most appreciates the welcoming, inclusive, and friendly nature of this club and hopes to continue to promote that as the Membership Director.

Communications Director: Zach Nelson

Zach has a background in music, but recently found partner dancing in 2018.
He loves all kinds of social dancing, from Ballroom to Blues, but spends most of his time on West Coast Swing. His favourite thing about AWCSC is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It was the members of the club that originally drew him in to the West Coast family.

alamo-west-coast-swing-president-peggyDance Director/Past President/Founder: Peggy Myers

Peggy, a professional massage therapist and business owner by trade, is one of the original co-founders of the AWCSC and served as Vice President for the first two years, and President for the next 7 years, until 2018.  She became Dance Director in 2019 when the position became available. The thing she is most proud of, with respect to the club, is its friendly and welcoming attitude to dancers, new and experienced.

alamo-west-coast-swing-dance-director-jamesFormer Dance Director/Founder: James Bailey

James Bailey has been teaching, dancing, and competing for well over 15 years. The Air Force sent him to Omaha NE, where he learned ballroom and Latin dances. During his most recent assignment to Lackland AFB, he helped establish the Alamo West Coast Swing Club where was the Dance Director for ten years.


alamo-west-coast-swing-past-president-georgieFirst President/Founder: Georgianne Gale

Georgie was the first AWCSC president and has continued to be a big part of the club and where it is headed. The main goal of this club has always been that it be friendly, welcoming and fun.

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